Sasha & Max

To be fair, I should post my 2 lovely cats' photos. Apparently I took many photos for them, it takes me a little while to sort them out. I'm planning to do a photo collage for them.

Sasha is a veggie lover but he is not a vegetarian. Every time I go into kitchen, he will run in there within a second and wait for a little piece of vegetable. I usually put it on the floor then he likes to put them in his cat bowl (cat's manner?) and eats it with his cat food. I think Sasha always enjoy eating. He is the most talkative cat that I have ever seen. He actually will answer me when I talk to him every time.

Max is a smart cat, I think he is "gifted". He knows the trick to open the closet door, and open the drawers underneath my bed. He likes sun bathing right next to the window. I took this photo when we were watching the Olympic closing ceremony. He was standing in front of the TV. So here you go: Max .... watching the Olympics at the Bird Nest in Beijing~

Sasha and Max are 2 brothers, 4 years old. Their most special talent... I must have to mention here. They like to massage each other's neck and back. You won't believe it but every time when I see this, I wish they would massage my back too... =)