My Update...

Look at my last post; I stopped blogging for almost half year. Half year is a long time, geeze... what did I do in the past months? Here I’m trying to sum up my update:

- I became an art director for an animal magazine. The magazine Animal News has been published for 4 years. When I started picking up this job, I had put lot of efforts to design a new look for the magazine. I had finished the spring issue and now I’m working on the summer issue.

- I took an illustration course at OCAD, Tavis Coburn is my instructor. I’m very lucky to have him in this course; he is such a nice and resourceful person. I learned a lot, it’s more than I expect. What I gained is worth much more than what I paid for this course. And I believe that what I have learned will become a long lasting impact on my works.

Of course, I worked very hard for the course as well. I finished assignments in a quick turn-around time; I tried to do some extra works to get more feedback from my teacher. Here are some highlights of my works I had done for this course.

- I’m working on some new works for my web site, what it is on there will be taken down soon. The sad thing happens when I’m no longer happy with my illustrations, but it is so positive to see that I’m improving everyday. I will soon create better works in my next change for the site, please be patient and give me little time to prepare my new works.

- I bought a set of kolinsky sable brushes from ebay. The seller is from UK but the brushes were actually made in Germany. I haven’t got a chance to try it out but holding the brushes on my hand makes me very excited. I will tell you how do I like the brush later.

- When summer came, I spent more time to explore Queen West and Kensington Market. I fall in love with these two areas badly, I found my inner “real self” from diving into the artsy-crazy community. It is me, I belong to there. For anyone of you have never been Kensington Market, it is a must go place. I would say Sat afternoon is a great time to check out the stores, there are lots of small cafés and unique restaurants for a nice relax lunch. If you are a vintage lover, you should not miss this place. I would like to talk about Kensington more in the future.

Next coming: My lovely magnetic chalkboard sketch book!