SpeakEasy Show

My 1st exhibition is over, it went pretty well. I'm so happy to meet some new friends at the show. Every illustrator has own unique works, it is a magic that creativities bring us brilliant unique works.

If you ask me, does the show successful?  Does it meet your expectation? Honestly I don't know the answer. I only can tell you that I was happy and I was nervous.

I was so happy to show my works in public, it is very interesting when seeing people looking at my works and talking about my works. Many times I was thinking to step up to find out what they were talking about. I want to listen to the real comment; I always have a great desire chatting with people.

I was nervous, my fear was spinning inside for the whole day long. It is not easy to deal with fear; I felt something was totally out of my control. I worried that if people don’t like my works, or if my works are not nice, or if the display does not good, or if I forgot an important item for the show, or something something… I know it is silly but it is just so hard to ignore it. I think I will have to live with such fear along the path forever.

Before the show started, I tried to flight with my fear by taking some photos. Look at my photos again, it may make you laugh, I think I am silly and I actually look pretty silly though.

Oh well… it is me, can’t hide and why do I have to hide? : )

Next morning I woke up and sitting at the coach with a pair of empty eyes, Wing said I looked so lose as a student just finished the graduation exam. So very quickly I picked up my sketch book and stepped out to the library. I actually have lot to do on my list for the next step; I should not waste my time, not even for a single moment!