Rice Paper Magazine and Spirituality & Health

I recently finished two assignments for Rice Paper from Vancouver and Spirituality & Health from Traverse City, USA. They are both on print in September.

The story from Rice Paper Magazine is about a play of a conversation between a Chinese speaking mother and her Canadian born English speaking daughter. Since I’m a Chinese Canadian, I can totally understand the conflict and the cultural differences between two generations. It is a pretty fun story.

The title of the assignment from Spirituality & Health is “Appointment with the Wolf”. The article is about a man, who had suffered by the restless sleeping problem. After a long searching, he learned to break his sleeping schedule in two parts at night, then he feels much peacefully. I was requested to create two illustrations, one is showing a man looks stressfully at night, one is showing his peaceful face.

Here are my snap shots:

Rice Paper Magazine

Spirituality & Health: