One Step At A Time...

“One step at a time.” I said to my friend when she told me her frustration from work. I said the same thing to Wing when he is planning for his career change, and I told myself almost every day in the past 4 years. Don’t think it is easy to learn one step at a time, it needs lot of patience, persistence and enthusiasm. It requires positive thinking, self-discipline and sense of humor.

In my career journey, I found my destination, I researched from the map to get me there, I set my goal and my schedule. As like taking a canoe trip alone, I have learnt to control the direction with my paddles, prepared foods and water, map and compass. Then I jumped on to the boat and ready to start my adventure!

However, it takes time to arrive. There could be many unexpected conditions in front of me. It could be difficult when some moments come that I have to paddle against the current, or under a windy rain day, or get lost or get stuck, or physically and emotionally overloaded, and so on so on. Oh I can keep on thinking hundreds of silly possibility to stress me out to death.

Then I say to myself: One step at a time.

I don’t think it is just a psychological magic to ease out the emotion, it is actually a very practical lesson to all different aspects of life, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Other suggested items to do when I am stressful or despairing:

  • Listen Jazz music

  • Play with my cats

  • Make a nice warm green tea (even better to go with a piece of chocolate)

  • Chat with best friends

  • Have hydrated mask

So the combo is:

Turn on the Jazz music, sitting on the couch with my cats on my nap, putting mask on my face, talking to a best friend over the phone, and enjoying my green tea and chocolate all in “one step at a time”~

It works for me anyway, give it a try and let me know how it works for you. =)