Vancouver Animals

I've been busy to catch up my works after the trip, it took my longer to organize the photos from my Vancouver trip, sorry for not be able to keep up my post lately.

About Vancouver....

Vancouver is a beautiful city, I have no doubt about it. Since I live in Toronto for so long, I tend to compare what's so interesting in Vancouver which I cannot find in Toronto. It's surprise me that I had seen and experience many "first times" in this trip such as seeing wild animals, tasting foods, meeting artists etc. In this page I will tell you about the wild animals I had seen in Vancouver, it's my first time seeing them so close in the city or in the open space, not in the aquarium nor ocean park.

First time seeing Seal waiting for foods by the water at Granville Island:

First time seeing hundreds birds flying next to my boat very close:

First time seeing eagle standing on the top of a tree:

First time seeing hundreds sea lions lying on rocks:

I saw dolphins too, but they were to fast and I could not even get a shot for them, too bad….

Next post I will talk about the yummy foods I had in Vancouver!