I Love Camper Shoes

I am a big fan of CAMPER shoes; it is the first Spanish company designing not identical shoes. It could be one shoe has bird, the other shoe has leafs, or cat and fish, or butterfly and flowers and so on. They are comfortable to wear, long lasting, funky and creative. With all the nice combinations, it means they are expensive. It is about $150-$200 a pair in average.

I could not afford a pair until my trip to Italy last fall; I finally bought my first pair of CAMPER shoes. It was a short black boots. I wore it almost everyday during the winter; it was the best shoes that I could not get rid of it. Yesterday there was a shoe store in downtown had liquidation sale, I found a pair of summer flat CAMPER shoes for sale. You can’t believe it, I paid CAD$31 including tax!!! The regular price was $130!!! I pretty much wanted to give the store owner a big kiss when I left.

You may think I’m silly but having my second pair of CAMPER shoes gave me a big thrill for the whole day (may last for a week though). So I must share it on my blog, and now I have my summer shoes in the next few months. What a great life, lucky me!!! =D