Amazing Japanese Foods

Wing and I went to a downtown restaurant for a delicious Japanese dinner. We did not know the menu, all dishes were designed by the chef based on what's the best ingredients available in the kitchen of the day. Every dish was a nice surprise, both visually and tastefully. We had 13 dishes including dessert, it is the most expensive dinner I have ever had but it is worth to pay for the good quality foods.

Dish #1 Appetizer:

Top Left: Squash, mussel, shrimp, tofu and lotus root.
Top Middle: 2 kinds of seaweed with yam.
Top Right: Squash with grilled red pepper.
Bottom Right: BBQ eel wrapped in egg.
Bottom Middle: Grilled fish.
Bottom Left:  Smoked wild salmon.

Dish #2: King Crab Soup with Mushrooms

Dish #3: Red Snapper Sashimi

Dish #4: PEI Oyster with Quail Egg and Uni, Topped with Scallions

Dish #5: Squid Pasta topped with Okra and Ginger.

Dish #6: Japanese Horse Mackerel served 2 Ways, Sashimi style and Tartare with Hot Korean Sauce

Dish#8: Grilled Geoduck (top) and Grilled Wild Salmon (bottom)

Dish#9: Left (Fish Marinated in Vinegar), Center (Egg and Tofu with Seaweed), Right (Noodles with Cherry Blossom and Plum).

Dish#10:  Stewed Red Snapper Head

Dish#11: Rock Lobster with Rice Kernel Tempura, Served with Fried Okra and Hot Pepper.

Dish#12: Sushi

Dish#13 Dessert: Strawberry (1st picture bottom) and Sake (1st picture top) Sorbet served with Strawberries.  Red Bean Cheesecake (2nd picture) served with Fruit.

It was a very filling meal.~