The SpeakEasy Illustration Show 2011

I had a wonderful evening to exhibit my illustrations at the Toronto Gladstone Hotel last week. It means so much to me having the opportunity to  talk to the "real" audiences, not from FB or Twitter. : ) I am glad to meet up some other talented artists at the show, many of them did great jobs. Illustrator is a solitude career, most of us work in our own studios, I could work for whole day long without saying a single word to anyone. When I focus on my work I don't  even turn on music or radio, I enjoy the quietness except sometime my cats came by and said hello to me. During the show I found the other side of me that I actually so happy to meet up people. It reminds me that there were few years from my previous job, I worked with youth everyday. From morning to evening, from Monday to Sunday, I had them in my work life as well as my personal life. Since I became an illustrator I live my life in completely different way. I still enjoy it a lot, I love my career! I like both but it is just a different life stage having different focus.

Compare with my first SpeakEasy Illustration Show at 2009, I am very happy to see the positive changes in my career. It is not only the quality of my arts but also my understanding of the industry, my future direction and the confidence to myself.

I know some friends could not make to come, below I have few snap shots of my display.

I am suprise to see my photo on, click here to see more other artists' work.