The Paper Place & Outer Layer

If you have been The Paper Place on Queen Street West, Toronto, you may fall in love with their paper products and paper selections. They are not only selling paper, they are demonstrating creativity and the appreciation of paper. I am proud to see my cards at this store today. I have been thinking one day I will see my designs in this lovely store and now it happens!

Check out the The Paper Place, you should not miss this place if you have never been there!

Outer layer is located on Queen West and near Bathrust, they are carrying lot of nice gift products, such as jewlery, bags, skin care products, books and greeting cards. I remember few months ago I first introduced my cards to the store manager but I was rejected. I know one day she will take my cards... just one day in the future... and this time has finally came!

If you are looking for a gift for family and friends, it will not hard for you to find a good gift at the Outer Layer. They have two locations, one on Queen West, one on Bloor west near Bathrust.