If you are not my FB friends but you come to visit my blog, I like to share with you about there is a new blog I just started few weeks ago. It is called  DoodleDoodlers. I fall in love with doodling about half year ago. The more I doodle, the more interesting I found, and the more challenging I can take. What surprise me is doodling is not just killing my bored time, it actually helps to clear up my mind, to put many ideas on paper. The most interesting lesson I learned from doodling is to make me think and see in different ways. If I don't doodle I will never draw a piece out of my comfort zone. Doodle helps me think out of the box!

I invited you to join with me to take the doodle challenge on every Wednesday. You don't have to be an artist, I open to any ages and anyone in this planet. In the past weeks I have submissions from Germany, Turkey, Argentina, Vancouver and so on. It is very fun to see your doodles, I love it!!!

Here are my few doodles to share with you~

Let's do it, I like to see yours!