My Hens and Chicks

The fun part of living in a townhouse is we have a small backyard. I started my small garden last summer and most plants seem growing back this spring. What surprise me the most is my Hens and Chicks grew double the size from last year. I did not know they actually kept on growing even during the winter when it was covered my snow.

There are so many chicks squeezing out now, I think I should transplant some of them soon to let them having some space to grow bigger.

One Hens & Chicks starts to grow upwards in the center, I learned that it’s the beginning of the end. The center of the plant pushes up and up and it turns into a flower stalk. After the flowers bloom, the Hen will die. There are many offsets to replace the Hen, giving the appearance that it lives forever. I think it is what life about, one dies but many come along.

I love Hens & Chicks! I am planning to plant more in this season! : )