CANSCAIP Art Show 2018

It was my honour to participate the CANSCAIP Art Show 2018 at The Canadian Contemporary School of Art. We have total of 37 talented children's book illustrators exhibiting over 60 pieces of art. The show will be on going until May 31, 2018. Please find time to check it out!

This is the detail info of the CANCAIP Art Show.

We had a wonderful evening in the opening reception, it was filled with people, I was so happy to meet up many illustrators, writers and editors!

Credit for some photos: Paul Hung.

SCBWI Canada East Conference 2018

I joined SCBWI since 4 years ago. I have learned so much from their conferences, workshops, critique groups, local gatherings and so on. I met so many amazing talented people there, they share my frustration and excitement, they inspire me, listen to me, hug me, point me to a direction when I am lost. They help my growth in my career and keep me company in my journey. If you know me there, you are one of them.

I just returned home from the annual conference with 2 awards, and loads of inspirations and friendship! I am totally overwhelmed by their supports and encouragements. I am a hard worker I have to admit, perhaps little too harsh to myself sometime. I may easily miss what I have accomplished until I was told. The affirmation certainly means A LOT to me!!!


I also took the opportunity to share and to receive feedback about two personal new book ideas I am currently making. These are my mock up and sketches for 1000 Imaginary Friends! and Lion, Paper, Mouse

I met so many talented people there, they are just like this illustration I made.

Check out more of my new children's illustrations  here ~

Check out more of my new children's illustrations here~

SCBWI Canada East - Art of Story Conference 2017

I spent my weekend in Montreal to attend SCBWI Canada East Conference, it was a pretty intensive but inspiring event. I learned a lot from the illustration group critique with Giuseppe Castellano, it was also a wonderful opportunity to meet up my fellow illustrators and authors for sharing experience and struggles.

We had portfolio showcase on Friday night during the "Meet and Greet Party", we were invited to vote for our favourite portfolio. It was my honour to be chosen for the "Exceptional Portfolio". I brought back a simple print and a box of candy award, but it means the world to me! It is such a great encouragement to motivate me to make more good art for children!

I also signed up for an one on one portfolio review. Do you know it needs lot of courage to take this step out? I was assigned to meet with Giuseppe for the review, I was happy but super nervous! It turned out a great talk with him, I was so happy that he likes my works! He asked me to leave him postcards to bring back with him and share with his team! I do not know what will lead to in the future, but having his positive feedback and confirmation do mean so much to me!

It was only a 2 days conference, but what I gained will give me a long lasting impact for sure!


Jump Up & Down for Max and Sasha

My husband and I have owned two lovely Tonkinese cats, their names are Max and Sasha. They are two brothers from the same litter. Unfortunately they both have diagnosed lymphoma cancer in last December. Their life expectancy is from few weeks to few months, I know I am going to loose both of them soon. I am spending some good quality time with them and make sure they live as healthy as possible. In the meanwhile, I started drawing them in stories to recap all the memory they have brought to my life. The one below was my first attempt, I am happy to continue to draw their fun silly things. It is very comforting when I draw them out, I hope you do enjoy reading it too~

Max (left with darker hair colour) and Sasha (right with lighter hair colour). Picture was taken on their 12th years old birthday on June 2016.

Max (left with darker hair colour) and Sasha (right with lighter hair colour). Picture was taken on their 12th years old birthday on June 2016.

They alway like to cuddle together in a heart shape~

They alway like to cuddle together in a heart shape~

Christmas Day comes early

I received 2 big boxes of product samples from Oopsy Daisy today. I managed to move them to my studio and dig out all the items from the boxes. I felt like a kid opening Christmas presents on the Christmas Day. Papers and wraps were all over the floor but who cares the mess, it was the most exciting moment when I saw my arts turned into products!


If you are interested in ordering my products, please visit here.

Christmas Window Painting

I am working on a Christmas window painting and this is my mini version that I tried on a picture frame. It is a very fun project, I will love to do more in the future~



In the making: Try to write the mirrored text with my left hand, my wired skill has finally found its role!


DONE! YEAH~ Now I am looking for a wall to hang this up~


My Hens and Chicks

The fun part of living in a townhouse is we have a small backyard. I started my small garden last summer and most plants seem growing back this spring. What surprise me the most is my Hens and Chicks grew double the size from last year. I did not know they actually kept on growing even during the winter when it was covered my snow.

There are so many chicks squeezing out now, I think I should transplant some of them soon to let them having some space to grow bigger.

One Hens & Chicks starts to grow upwards in the center, I learned that it’s the beginning of the end. The center of the plant pushes up and up and it turns into a flower stalk. After the flowers bloom, the Hen will die. There are many offsets to replace the Hen, giving the appearance that it lives forever. I think it is what life about, one dies but many come along.

I love Hens & Chicks! I am planning to plant more in this season! : )

My Sewing Project

I recently bought a 2nd hand sewing machine, finally I can get back to my sewing projects!

I first made a seat cushion for my desk chair. I bought this vintage wooden chair from a guy lives in Niagara on the Lake, I love the vintage look but always think it would be nicer by adding a cushion. I finally finished this sewing project and now I can enjoy it everyday. Of course, for such nice thing I always have to fight or share with my cats... they know the good stuff too, you know... =)


My New Neighbour Friend...

This morning when I was having breakfast coffee in my garden, I saw a cat standing on a roof top at my neighbour's house. He looked at me and talked to me for 5 mins. I think he was asking me for breakfast.... : ) He attempted to jump down to my fence to come close to me, but it was little too high so he gave up. Here is my new neighbour friend - a pretty talkative guy~

My 10 years old doodle friend: Maximo from Germany

Maximo is a 10 years old German boy, he is a very talented young artist. I met him through DoodleDoodlers, he has sent me so many amaizing doodles which always surprise our community! Apparently I received few of his personal photos from his email, I finally have a chance to know his face. By having permission from him, I like to highlight several doodles he has done as well as his "cool" look.

Keep up your great works! Maximo! Enjoy your creative journey~ I believe there are many more young talented artists around us, we just have to help them to explore their creative world!


A doodle a day, stress stays away!

I have a habit to start my day by doodling, it helps to warm up my brain for another new work day. It is like having a cup of coffee to wake up my mind, or doing some stretching exercises before work out. Of course I found so much fun to doodle, it somehow reflects my mind and it makes a great balance of my stress. Here I post a few that I really like.

 more at DoodleDoodlers