The Urge to paint...

Have you ever feel a call from your heart that you want to paint badly? Just like sometime we are craving for a piece of chocolate or an ice cream. I had the urge this morning, so this is what I made as taking a break from my ongoing book project. Now I feel better and will go back to work. Don't laugh at me, isn't it fun to be an artist?! :)


Mixed Media Painting

It's been busy with my children's book projects. I am finally done the big one for HarperCollins,  and then moved on to another toddler book for Nimbus Publishing, both books will be published in early 2015! I can't wait to see the print copies, just wish if it could be happened tomorrow.

In the meanwhile, I sometime took break to do more mixed media paintings. Here are two I am quite happy with lately. : ) You can also view more of my painting here.


60 Minutes Painting: Generous

I received a gift of glass tube flower vase from my friend few years ago, it's been set on my desk next to my monitor. Today I cut some fresh flowers from my backyard and place on this cute vase, plus adding a painting I did from yesterday. "Generous" - a word I should remember everyday. Again, it does not have to cost a lot to make life beautiful~ :)

* There is a magnet pink ball holds my mini painting. This ball bouncing crazily to keep me fun exercise in my studio. Of course, my cats love it the most!


60 Minutes Painting: Love is awesome

Inspired by MATS course I started creating mixed media painting 2-3 times a week. I have no idea what will these paintings do other then sitting on my wall shelves, I just enjoy to paint during my break in between projects. But slowly I have great feeling about it, I think they are going to turn into something awesome in the future. We will know when time goes by…. : )