The Urge to paint...

Have you ever feel a call from your heart that you want to paint badly? Just like sometime we are craving for a piece of chocolate or an ice cream. I had the urge this morning, so this is what I made as taking a break from my ongoing book project. Now I feel better and will go back to work. Don't laugh at me, isn't it fun to be an artist?! :)


Heartsy Daily

I spent the whole long weekend moving my web site to a new configuration. You may not see a big difference by the layout, but still it took me 3 full days to pick up new system, to upload all my art works and to operate it properly. It is just like packing and moving my stuff to a new house. I cannot say that I enjoy doing it very much, but I am happy to learn new things and to make it through. Overcome a challenge makes me feel good… I guess… : )

I like to share couple of my new designs I am working on lately. A new collection "Heartsy Daily". Here are couple images for preview, I look forward to show you the full collection soon! Hope you have a Wonderful Special Day~