Playing fun sketches

If I don't feel too tired after supper at night, I like to do some sketches simply just for fun. I did not plan to sketch for a specific project, but sometime it may turn out something at the end. I think art came out naturally from inside of me just bring so much joy, and this joy will be continued to my commercial projects. This is what I sketched lately, I am eager to see if any elements may turn into something in the future~


60 Minutes Painting: Love is awesome

Inspired by MATS course I started creating mixed media painting 2-3 times a week. I have no idea what will these paintings do other then sitting on my wall shelves, I just enjoy to paint during my break in between projects. But slowly I have great feeling about it, I think they are going to turn into something awesome in the future. We will know when time goes by…. : )


Six new gift wrap designs~

It is very exciting to receive the samples of my new gift wrap designs from Vigo Production. I love them all and I hope customers will enjoy my designs for gift wrapping or any art and craft projects. I am actually thinking to use some of my samples to do an art projects as my studio decor. Certainly I will share on my blog when it is done! : )

If you are interested in buying wholesale of my gift wraps, please go to Vigo Cards.