SCBWI Canada East Conference 2018

I joined SCBWI since 4 years ago. I have learned so much from their conferences, workshops, critique groups, local gatherings and so on. I met so many amazing talented people there, they share my frustration and excitement, they inspire me, listen to me, hug me, point me to a direction when I am lost. They help my growth in my career and keep me company in my journey. If you know me there, you are one of them.

I just returned home from the annual conference with 2 awards, and loads of inspirations and friendship! I am totally overwhelmed by their supports and encouragements. I am a hard worker I have to admit, perhaps little too harsh to myself sometime. I may easily miss what I have accomplished until I was told. The affirmation certainly means A LOT to me!!!


I also took the opportunity to share and to receive feedback about two personal new book ideas I am currently making. These are my mock up and sketches for 1000 Imaginary Friends! and Lion, Paper, Mouse

I met so many talented people there, they are just like this illustration I made.

Check out more of my new children's illustrations  here ~

Check out more of my new children's illustrations here~

SCBWI Canada East - Art of Story Conference 2017

I spent my weekend in Montreal to attend SCBWI Canada East Conference, it was a pretty intensive but inspiring event. I learned a lot from the illustration group critique with Giuseppe Castellano, it was also a wonderful opportunity to meet up my fellow illustrators and authors for sharing experience and struggles.

We had portfolio showcase on Friday night during the "Meet and Greet Party", we were invited to vote for our favourite portfolio. It was my honour to be chosen for the "Exceptional Portfolio". I brought back a simple print and a box of candy award, but it means the world to me! It is such a great encouragement to motivate me to make more good art for children!

I also signed up for an one on one portfolio review. Do you know it needs lot of courage to take this step out? I was assigned to meet with Giuseppe for the review, I was happy but super nervous! It turned out a great talk with him, I was so happy that he likes my works! He asked me to leave him postcards to bring back with him and share with his team! I do not know what will lead to in the future, but having his positive feedback and confirmation do mean so much to me!

It was only a 2 days conference, but what I gained will give me a long lasting impact for sure!


My Next New Book "Waiting For Sophie" is coming in April!

It is my honour to illustrate Waiting for Sophie written by multi-award winner author Sarah Ellis. This book will be published by Pajama Press in April 2017. I am happy to share the book cover art and couple arts I made for the inside pages, but there will be a lot more to come in the near future. In the meanwhile, find out more information from the Pajama Press Publishing.


New Children's Colouring and Activities Book

YAY!!! I am so excited showing you my new book that I illustrated last Fall for Running Press Book Publishing. The first copy just came in mail today! It is a colouring and activities book about "SPACE" for children age 7 to 10. There are 4 big posters to colour, plus games and puzzles etc.

It is my first time illustrating a book about spacecraft, astronauts and solar system. I meant in a fun way that appeals to kids. The most complicated and challenging images are two robots "Curiosity" and "Opportunity" which landed on Mars. Especially when drawing the space is about a place I have never been! :D Compare with my pervious book projects about all the cute babies and animals, this is a very different but interesting project.

I was always told that one of the most important skills of being an illustrator is problem solving. I totally agree with this. Every book project has different voices, for different readers and age groups. There is also about the business side that my art has to be sellable, to be appealing to buyers, readers and outstanding from bookshelf. I am not saying that this is all my job, it is certainly a team work between the artist, the writer and the publisher. As an illustrator I aware my art takes a big part of it, so I keep on learning each day to make nice art!

Thank you for my agent and her team connected me and Running Press Publishing. It is so nice working with their senior designer, with her help and art direction this project made so much fun!

"Space" will be coming in June 2016. You can find more detail info about the book here. I made a quick video for now, and I am looking forward to share more art from the inside pages in the near future. Stay tuned~ :)

Children's book for 0-18 months: Look At Me Now!

I have always dream to create illustrations for children's books and my dream has finally came true! "Look At Me Now!" is my first children's book I have done for Nimbus Publishing. It seems a long wait until I received the print copy, but I am totally thrilled to see the outcome! 

I will have another toddle book launching out in beginning of 2015 by Nimbus Publishing, and one more book for 5-7 years old will be launching out in Spring 2015 by Harper Collins! Stay tuned~ :-)

"Look At Me Now!" is available to order through Chapters and Amazon. If you live outside Canada and USA and would like to purchase one, please feel free to contact me directly.


MATS Part 1 is done!

Make Art That Sells Part 1 five weeks online course with Lilla Rogers School is over. What I have learned is way more than I expected. I also met some great fellow artists to share supports and experience in the class. As a freelance artist we work alone most of the time, I treasure so much being part of a community that we can learn together!


There are so much information I learned from the course, I will need some time to review my notes and set up direction for my next new level of art creation. It is uneasy to leave my comfort zone and stretch my muscle in creativity, but I know all the changes are going to be awesome!  I look forward to show more good works on my portfolio. Before Part 2 coming in October, I will continue to create more new art, including 2 children's books, a new bolt fabric collection and new greeting cards. They are going to happen in this spring and summer!


At this moment, let me share what I have achieved in the MATS course:

Week 1: Bolt Fabric Designs

Week 1: Bolt Fabric Designs

Week 2: Home Decors, we focus on dinner plate design:

Week 3: Children's book, we have a topic of "The Fox and The Crow"

Week4: Wall Art

Week 5: Gift, we focus on pouch design.


I look forward to create more great art! This is my JOY I want to share with people.


Children's book

I am currently working on a children's book for 18 month old. Here are some brainstorming faces I have created. At the end I designed the final character is slightly different from below, I look forward to show you what it looks like. The book will be released to the market in Fall 2014. Yeah... it sounds a long wait, isn't it? But time flies, we are heading to 2014 soon~

*By the way, I gave a new look to my web site. Hope you will like the new banners and new colors. : )