MATS Part 1 is done!

Make Art That Sells Part 1 five weeks online course with Lilla Rogers School is over. What I have learned is way more than I expected. I also met some great fellow artists to share supports and experience in the class. As a freelance artist we work alone most of the time, I treasure so much being part of a community that we can learn together!


There are so much information I learned from the course, I will need some time to review my notes and set up direction for my next new level of art creation. It is uneasy to leave my comfort zone and stretch my muscle in creativity, but I know all the changes are going to be awesome!  I look forward to show more good works on my portfolio. Before Part 2 coming in October, I will continue to create more new art, including 2 children's books, a new bolt fabric collection and new greeting cards. They are going to happen in this spring and summer!


At this moment, let me share what I have achieved in the MATS course:

Week 1: Bolt Fabric Designs

Week 1: Bolt Fabric Designs

Week 2: Home Decors, we focus on dinner plate design:

Week 3: Children's book, we have a topic of "The Fox and The Crow"

Week4: Wall Art

Week 5: Gift, we focus on pouch design.


I look forward to create more great art! This is my JOY I want to share with people.