Day 1 - 7 days daily art challenge~

Invited by my friend, I am doing the 7 days daily art challenge. I am making one sketch a day, it makes me so happy!

Day 1


Quick Drawings with Pencils!

I am back to draw with pencil on paper. they are just as fun as working with digital art. The challenge is to pick up a different set of skill, no undo button! I am happy to take up this little challenge to fresh up myself~

New Art for Greeting Cards~

I have added many new art to my greeting card section, you are welcome to check them out here.

Brush + Paper + Paint

I picked up my brush and paper and acrylic paint recently. After working so long with computer, painting with brush becomes a very different creative process. I almost need two different brains working with both tools. The major difference in between computer and brush painting is no "undo" button. Paint on paper / canvas also does not have separate "layer" as working with Illustrator or Photoshop, so I have to have plan in my head what to paint first and what goes later.

It took me a short while to switch my mind set, but I love it once I picked it up, then I am hard to put down my brush and go back to my computer. I have to say I love both, they are just giving me more options in creating. If you have been making art with one tool only, I encourage you to try one more. It will take you to next new level of creativity.

I have done a few series of painting with acrylic, then took good quality photography, and touch up my art digitally. Below is one of my series called "Cactus in Bloom". If you like to see more, please go to HERE.


New Paintings

I finished 3 paintings recently for a up coming event " Small Feast 2015" at Niagara Artist Centre on April 11. It is going to be a square foot painting group exhibition and sale, artist members can donate original painting to help to raise fund for the centre. This year I created painting with bright colours plus some highlight of gold and neon colours. I am quite happy with the result. My paintings now are ready to be delivered. Before I do this, I just let them sitting on my wall shelve for just a little bit, so I can enjoy seeing them for little longer~ :)

For more of my paintings, please check here.


Ink Tober 2014 (Part2)

I am happy to finish Ink Tober drawing every day in October. These are more of my drawings in the 2nd half of the month. It is just so fun to them all!

Mixed Media Painting

It's been busy with my children's book projects. I am finally done the big one for HarperCollins,  and then moved on to another toddler book for Nimbus Publishing, both books will be published in early 2015! I can't wait to see the print copies, just wish if it could be happened tomorrow.

In the meanwhile, I sometime took break to do more mixed media paintings. Here are two I am quite happy with lately. : ) You can also view more of my painting here.


60 Minutes Painting: Generous

I received a gift of glass tube flower vase from my friend few years ago, it's been set on my desk next to my monitor. Today I cut some fresh flowers from my backyard and place on this cute vase, plus adding a painting I did from yesterday. "Generous" - a word I should remember everyday. Again, it does not have to cost a lot to make life beautiful~ :)

* There is a magnet pink ball holds my mini painting. This ball bouncing crazily to keep me fun exercise in my studio. Of course, my cats love it the most!


My Hens and Chicks

The fun part of living in a townhouse is we have a small backyard. I started my small garden last summer and most plants seem growing back this spring. What surprise me the most is my Hens and Chicks grew double the size from last year. I did not know they actually kept on growing even during the winter when it was covered my snow.

There are so many chicks squeezing out now, I think I should transplant some of them soon to let them having some space to grow bigger.

One Hens & Chicks starts to grow upwards in the center, I learned that it’s the beginning of the end. The center of the plant pushes up and up and it turns into a flower stalk. After the flowers bloom, the Hen will die. There are many offsets to replace the Hen, giving the appearance that it lives forever. I think it is what life about, one dies but many come along.

I love Hens & Chicks! I am planning to plant more in this season! : )

Six new gift wrap designs~

It is very exciting to receive the samples of my new gift wrap designs from Vigo Production. I love them all and I hope customers will enjoy my designs for gift wrapping or any art and craft projects. I am actually thinking to use some of my samples to do an art projects as my studio decor. Certainly I will share on my blog when it is done! : )

If you are interested in buying wholesale of my gift wraps, please go to Vigo Cards.