Brush + Paper + Paint

I picked up my brush and paper and acrylic paint recently. After working so long with computer, painting with brush becomes a very different creative process. I almost need two different brains working with both tools. The major difference in between computer and brush painting is no "undo" button. Paint on paper / canvas also does not have separate "layer" as working with Illustrator or Photoshop, so I have to have plan in my head what to paint first and what goes later.

It took me a short while to switch my mind set, but I love it once I picked it up, then I am hard to put down my brush and go back to my computer. I have to say I love both, they are just giving me more options in creating. If you have been making art with one tool only, I encourage you to try one more. It will take you to next new level of creativity.

I have done a few series of painting with acrylic, then took good quality photography, and touch up my art digitally. Below is one of my series called "Cactus in Bloom". If you like to see more, please go to HERE.


New Paintings

I finished 3 paintings recently for a up coming event " Small Feast 2015" at Niagara Artist Centre on April 11. It is going to be a square foot painting group exhibition and sale, artist members can donate original painting to help to raise fund for the centre. This year I created painting with bright colours plus some highlight of gold and neon colours. I am quite happy with the result. My paintings now are ready to be delivered. Before I do this, I just let them sitting on my wall shelve for just a little bit, so I can enjoy seeing them for little longer~ :)

For more of my paintings, please check here.