New Art for Greeting Cards~

I have added many new art to my greeting card section, you are welcome to check them out here.

Hand-letterings and Alphabets

I have created some art for hand-letterings and alphabets. I always enjoy creating letterings and delivering messages in beautiful ways. For more hand-lettering art, please go to here.

Please feel free to contact me if you like to see more works, inquire about licensing opportunities or to commission a project.

Make Art That Sells Part B

YAY! I just finished the 5 weeks Make Art That Sells (MATS) Part B. It was a very intensive online course, I went through so much ups and downs emotionally in order to learn and to finish every assignment each week. But it was also a very fruitful experience. I was very fortunate that all of my assignments were selected in Lilla's weekly review, so I can get some feedback from her specifically. She gave us "check box" for what to be considered a good design for a particular market. It helps a lot for me to keep on growing in the future.

I am sharing what I have done in the past 5 weeks. What you see is my final submissions, what you don't see such as tones of my mini sketches, hand written notes, my frustrations and excitements, lot of friendship and support from other fellow artists, and many exchanged information in our Facebook group! Every part of them does count to make my course more memorable and meaningful.

Week 1: Paper Products


Week 2: Children's Apparel Market

Week 3: Scrapbooking Products

Week 4: Editorial & Publishing

Week 5: Party Paper Products

Custom Greeting Card Designs

Apparently I finished a commission job to design two greeting cards for a financial consultant Carolan Mackay from the Investors Group Financial Services Inc. One design is for the December holiday, another design is for everyday. It is little challenging to illustrate an image relates to financial industry, but I am happy with the outcome at the end!

MonteBella Snapshot

I recently created a new greeting card collection MonteBella. Monte & Bella both love 70s fashion style. I think it reflects what I like although I may not that type of person dress up the retro look nicely. My imagination has been projected through my new line. Here are the snapshot preview, they are 24 designs to start with in 2013!

Hello, I am Monte:

Hello I am Bella:

Full series from Vigo Productions.

Christmas Collection 2012

If you come to visit my blog once in a while, you may notice that I have launched a new web site. It is so nice giving a new look in 2012, it means I am preparing for new challenges, and reaching out some new clients as well.

In the past week, I just finished a new collection for Christmas 2012. The most interesting thing was few illustrations in this series cames from the ideas of my doodles. I like to show you the images below so you know the work flow of each piece, from there you will be able to trace my creative path. If you check DoodleDoodlers very often, you may find them look familar. Right on! : )

If you are interested in the full collection, go here.

For the Greeting Card collection, it will be soon published by Vigo Cards.

For the Art Licensing, please Contact me.