Day 1 - 7 days daily art challenge~

Invited by my friend, I am doing the 7 days daily art challenge. I am making one sketch a day, it makes me so happy!

Day 1


Window Painting Part 2

I finished another window painting job with Katalin Koos in downtown St. Catharines today! This time we painted on three 6'x5' large windows on the 2nd floor of an old red bricks building. It was super fun to paint on such a large area, I love it very much!!!


Playing fun sketches

If I don't feel too tired after supper at night, I like to do some sketches simply just for fun. I did not plan to sketch for a specific project, but sometime it may turn out something at the end. I think art came out naturally from inside of me just bring so much joy, and this joy will be continued to my commercial projects. This is what I sketched lately, I am eager to see if any elements may turn into something in the future~