Draw and Write with my non-dominant hand

Is there anyone having same weirdness like me? I am right handed. When I feel my drawings are too well control, I shifted to draw with my left hand. But my weird brain only makes me write mirrored text with my left hand, naturally without thinking. So I created this video to show you how strange it is! Stay till the end for my writing please! 

Stay weird and you are loved! 


One more try, it is actually quite fun~ If I live 50 years ago I would do window writing for retail stores. :D


Christmas Window Painting

I am working on a Christmas window painting and this is my mini version that I tried on a picture frame. It is a very fun project, I will love to do more in the future~



In the making: Try to write the mirrored text with my left hand, my wired skill has finally found its role!


DONE! YEAH~ Now I am looking for a wall to hang this up~