Quick Sketch of Today

I have been learning to draw with limited colour palettes in traditional way. It seems less colours were used but it does not mean easier.  I need to plan ahead the colour combinations, especially for the white areas. The biggest challenge of painting on paper (not on the tablet) is there is no "undo" button, the white has to be unpainted, if I made a wrong decision I have to repaint the whole piece. This piece was just my quick study so it is just fine if I made a mistake. Sometime I like the improvisation from my sketch, I see some surprises there!


After working with digital media for some time, it is so much fun to stretch my head to go back to traditional media. I love taking the challenge!


Day 1 - 7 days daily art challenge~

Invited by my friend, I am doing the 7 days daily art challenge. I am making one sketch a day, it makes me so happy!

Day 1


Quick Drawings with Pencils!

I am back to draw with pencil on paper. they are just as fun as working with digital art. The challenge is to pick up a different set of skill, no undo button! I am happy to take up this little challenge to fresh up myself~

Sketching and Doodling...

It was over a year ago I decided to sketch and doodle more. These blank page journal books were made by a US company with my arts on the cover. I got over 50 book samples from all designs, and they are perfect for using as sketch books. I just started my book of 13th! It is fun when flipping the old pages to see what I got in my head! I'm sure more to come!

Fun Doodles

I can't stop doodling these two days, here I picked a few to share with you. I have a very good feeling that they will turn some fun paintings or surface designs! Can't wait to show you what will come out next~ : )


Playing fun sketches

If I don't feel too tired after supper at night, I like to do some sketches simply just for fun. I did not plan to sketch for a specific project, but sometime it may turn out something at the end. I think art came out naturally from inside of me just bring so much joy, and this joy will be continued to my commercial projects. This is what I sketched lately, I am eager to see if any elements may turn into something in the future~


A doodle a day, stress stays away!

I have a habit to start my day by doodling, it helps to warm up my brain for another new work day. It is like having a cup of coffee to wake up my mind, or doing some stretching exercises before work out. Of course I found so much fun to doodle, it somehow reflects my mind and it makes a great balance of my stress. Here I post a few that I really like.

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