New Children's Colouring and Activities Book

YAY!!! I am so excited showing you my new book that I illustrated last Fall for Running Press Book Publishing. The first copy just came in mail today! It is a colouring and activities book about "SPACE" for children age 7 to 10. There are 4 big posters to colour, plus games and puzzles etc.

It is my first time illustrating a book about spacecraft, astronauts and solar system. I meant in a fun way that appeals to kids. The most complicated and challenging images are two robots "Curiosity" and "Opportunity" which landed on Mars. Especially when drawing the space is about a place I have never been! :D Compare with my pervious book projects about all the cute babies and animals, this is a very different but interesting project.

I was always told that one of the most important skills of being an illustrator is problem solving. I totally agree with this. Every book project has different voices, for different readers and age groups. There is also about the business side that my art has to be sellable, to be appealing to buyers, readers and outstanding from bookshelf. I am not saying that this is all my job, it is certainly a team work between the artist, the writer and the publisher. As an illustrator I aware my art takes a big part of it, so I keep on learning each day to make nice art!

Thank you for my agent and her team connected me and Running Press Publishing. It is so nice working with their senior designer, with her help and art direction this project made so much fun!

"Space" will be coming in June 2016. You can find more detail info about the book here. I made a quick video for now, and I am looking forward to share more art from the inside pages in the near future. Stay tuned~ :)