Window Painting Part 2

I finished another window painting job with Katalin Koos in downtown St. Catharines today! This time we painted on three 6'x5' large windows on the 2nd floor of an old red bricks building. It was super fun to paint on such a large area, I love it very much!!!


Window Painting Part 1

I just finished a commissioned window painting project collaborating with my artist friend Katalin Koos for a local Mahtay cafe in downtown St. Catharines, Canada. As an independent illustrator, I always work on projects alone all the time, it was a new but very fun experience to partner with someone to paint. We took some photos and videos for each other as we were painting, I like to share few with you here.

We are going to work on another window painting this Sat, stay tuned~ :)

I was painting my whimsical deer.

Check out the video to see the final look!


Christmas Window Painting

I am working on a Christmas window painting and this is my mini version that I tried on a picture frame. It is a very fun project, I will love to do more in the future~



In the making: Try to write the mirrored text with my left hand, my wired skill has finally found its role!


DONE! YEAH~ Now I am looking for a wall to hang this up~