SCBWI Canada East - Art of Story Conference 2017

I spent my weekend in Montreal to attend SCBWI Canada East Conference, it was a pretty intensive but inspiring event. I learned a lot from the illustration group critique with Giuseppe Castellano, it was also a wonderful opportunity to meet up my fellow illustrators and authors for sharing experience and struggles.

We had portfolio showcase on Friday night during the "Meet and Greet Party", we were invited to vote for our favourite portfolio. It was my honour to be chosen for the "Exceptional Portfolio". I brought back a simple print and a box of candy award, but it means the world to me! It is such a great encouragement to motivate me to make more good art for children!

I also signed up for an one on one portfolio review. Do you know it needs lot of courage to take this step out? I was assigned to meet with Giuseppe for the review, I was happy but super nervous! It turned out a great talk with him, I was so happy that he likes my works! He asked me to leave him postcards to bring back with him and share with his team! I do not know what will lead to in the future, but having his positive feedback and confirmation do mean so much to me!

It was only a 2 days conference, but what I gained will give me a long lasting impact for sure!


Day 1 - 7 days daily art challenge~

Invited by my friend, I am doing the 7 days daily art challenge. I am making one sketch a day, it makes me so happy!

Day 1


Quick Drawings with Pencils!

I am back to draw with pencil on paper. they are just as fun as working with digital art. The challenge is to pick up a different set of skill, no undo button! I am happy to take up this little challenge to fresh up myself~

Jump Up & Down for Max and Sasha

My husband and I have owned two lovely Tonkinese cats, their names are Max and Sasha. They are two brothers from the same litter. Unfortunately they both have diagnosed lymphoma cancer in last December. Their life expectancy is from few weeks to few months, I know I am going to loose both of them soon. I am spending some good quality time with them and make sure they live as healthy as possible. In the meanwhile, I started drawing them in stories to recap all the memory they have brought to my life. The one below was my first attempt, I am happy to continue to draw their fun silly things. It is very comforting when I draw them out, I hope you do enjoy reading it too~

Max (left with darker hair colour) and Sasha (right with lighter hair colour). Picture was taken on their 12th years old birthday on June 2016.

Max (left with darker hair colour) and Sasha (right with lighter hair colour). Picture was taken on their 12th years old birthday on June 2016.

They alway like to cuddle together in a heart shape~

They alway like to cuddle together in a heart shape~

New Art for Greeting Cards~

I have added many new art to my greeting card section, you are welcome to check them out here.

Hand-letterings and Alphabets

I have created some art for hand-letterings and alphabets. I always enjoy creating letterings and delivering messages in beautiful ways. For more hand-lettering art, please go to here.

Please feel free to contact me if you like to see more works, inquire about licensing opportunities or to commission a project.

My Next New Book "Waiting For Sophie" is coming in April!

It is my honour to illustrate Waiting for Sophie written by multi-award winner author Sarah Ellis. This book will be published by Pajama Press in April 2017. I am happy to share the book cover art and couple arts I made for the inside pages, but there will be a lot more to come in the near future. In the meanwhile, find out more information from the Pajama Press Publishing.


New Editorial Illustration for Chirp Magazine~

I recently finished an editorial illustration “Take A Trip – A Pancake Festival” for Chirp Magazine on the January / February issue. It takes young readers travelling to the winter pancake festival in Russian. It was so FUN to finish this commissioned project!