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Grandmother's Visit


"Grandmother's Visit" published by Groundwood Books in Fall 2018


Waiting for Sophie

"Waiting for Sophie" published by Pajama Press in 2017.



“[A] down-to-earth, sweet but never mushy story. The accompanying illustrations have a simple, gentle quality that neatly matches the story.” Kirkus Reviews

“Carmen Mok, who has many picturebook and magazine credits to her name, has graced the pages with some charming digitally-created art with the look of watercolours. … Highly Recommended.” CM Magazine


Ride the Big Machines in Winger

Take a look inside pages of "Ride the Big Machines in Winter"

"Ride the Big Machines In Winter" published by HarperCollins Canada in 2016.


Posters To Color SPACE

Sneak peek the inside pages of the "Poster To Color Space".

"Posters To Color Space" is a children's coloring and activities book. It will be published by Running Press Book Publishing in 2016.


Ride the Big Machines Across Canada

"Ride The Big Machines Across Canada" was published by HarperCollins Canada in 2015.


HERE babies, THERE babies

"Here Babies, There Babies" was published by Nimbus Publishing in 2015


Look At Me Now!

"Look At Me Now" was published by Nimbus Publishing in 2014