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About me


My Education and Career

I am a Studio-Art graduate of the University of Waterloo and a Crafts and Design graduate of the Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada. I possess six years of experience as a product designer in gifts and dinnerware. Through my professional years and experimentations, I have gained extensive knowledge in the following areas:

  • Illustration
  • Surface Design
  • Typography
  • Graphic Design

Other skills, but not limited to, such as:

  • Day Dreaming
  • Meeting New Friends Wherever I Go
  • Rubbing My Cat’s Back
  • Drinking Coffee & Tea
  • Laughing Loudly
  • Driving On Icy Roads
  • Napping On Couch
  • Eating Dark Chocolate
  • Managing My Natural Curly Hair
  • Writing Mirrored Text Left-handed

My Belief

I believe life achievements come from hard work, and opportunities always come to people who are well equipped.

I live and breathe in arts and design. It’s beyond self-expression. To me, my artwork is a natural means of expression. They are also my thoughts and views of life.  In turn, arts & design enhances my quality of life.

Selected Publishing Clients: HarperCollins Canada, Running Press Book Publishers, Nimbus Publishing, Highlights Magazine, Owl Kids, ChickaDEE Magazine, Chirp Magazine, American Airlines Publishing, Today's Parent Magazine, Calgary Avenue Magazine, Westchester Magazine, Spirituality & Health Magazine, Modern Dog Magazine, Texas Observer, Pitt Med Magazine.

Selected Art Licensing Clients: The Madison Park Greetings, teNeues, Oopsy Daisy, Design House Greetings, Vigo Cards, Development Solutions, Minted.com.

Featured in the following places: Illustration Age, Print & Pattern, Designworklife, FFFFOUND!, Poisonous Daydreams, StumbleUpon, The Tall Chick, So I was thinking, Pattern Punch, Children’s Publishing Blog, Pocketful Magazine and Patriot Love.